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Maintenance on any home or business can be time consuming, costly, and often takes hours away from enjoying the beautiful outdoors we love and appreciate in Southern Colorado. When you are looking to improve the look of your property exterior while protecting the structure itself, think of having your home or business done in high quality, low maintenance siding. SoCo Siding of Colorado Springs, CO has many years of experience in a wide variety of siding materials including vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood, cedar, James Hardie fiber cement, and others. We are a full service siding contractor and can do new siding installation, replacement siding, or repairs to your current siding. We are licensed and insured, and our estimates are always free of charge. Call or contact us through our online form and we will set up a convenient time to walk your project.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Siding Colorado Springs

Many of our clients decide on cost effective, low maintenance vinyl siding when they decide they have painted trim on a ladder long enough. Vinyl siding is adaptable to many structures, can be installed quickly, does not fade, and immediately improves the look of the structure. Vinyl is available in a variety of colors, widths, patterns and textures, and is easy to work around windows, doors, and architectural elements. In Colorado Springs vinyl siding is a great choice because it does not fade in our high plateau, strong sun thanks to its UV protection.  Vinyl has the additional benefit of being repairable in the event one of the local kids hits a home run and scores your house. If you would like to stop painting and start enjoying the beautiful weather we have in Colorado Springs, call SoCo Siding for a free estimate for vinyl siding Colorado Springs, CO professional installation.
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Vinyl Siding Suppliers Colorado Springs Finds Are Not All Equal

Like most products, vinyl siding is made in a variety of places under a variety of conditions. SoCo Siding is very particular whom we procure your vinyl siding from knowing it is going on your home or business. Why? – quality. Vinyl comes in different grades and is extruded from different sources, some recycled, some petroleum, and even others from other materials. Vinyl siding used on structures in Colorado Springs and the entire south central Colorado range needs to be engineered to withstand our extreme, sometimes fast temperature variability as well as our wind patterns. Our sun is intense on the plateau, and your vinyl siding needs to remain flexible, color fast, and resilient under those conditions. SoCo Siding uses high grade vinyl siding products on all their installations so we know you have a durable product that will service you for a long time to come. 

A Durable Siding Choice is James Hardie Siding Colorado Springs

Some applications are best served by a practical, durable choice due to location, use of the structure, investment costs, and other factors. James Hardie siding is a tough, resilient, durable choice for covering shops, garages, outbuildings, barns, horse stables, cabins, and your house in Colorado.  A composite cement board with fiber strands, fiber cement siding comes in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and patterns, as well as siding made for specific applications style. James Hardie makes vertical, horizontal, shingle, lap, and a variety of artisan styles, with a full assortment of trim and fascia products available to compliment your choice. There are also pre-cut panels available for some of their line, making installation fast. James Hardie siding was originally developed with climate and durability in mind, resulting in a product that does not expand, crack in the cold, or easily respond to moisture. It is equally sturdy at high altitudes or in the summer sun on the plateau, and can be painted to match any theme you desire. Call us for a free estimate to discuss tough fiber cement siding from James Hardie for your siding project.

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Steel Siding Colorado Springs Applications

Colorado weather can be challenging on the exterior of buildings, and sometimes strength under wind load is especially important. If you have a large structure that needs to be able to withstand the harshest Colorado weather, or one with wide runs of high tensile glass, consider steel siding installed by SoCo Siding. Steel and other metal sidings such as aluminum are quick to install, long lasting, and low maintenance. They are especially attractive for commercial, institutional, and modern or minimalist design or applications. Practical metal siding Colorado Springs has installed is also fire retardant, a consideration in brush country.   Metal siding is available in vertical, horizontal, corrugated, and modern siding styles that expose or hide fastener systems in a wide range of colors as well as some textures and finishes. In Colorado, one particular “finish” that is popular is what most architects refer to as “rustic”, a rusted, weathered look that readily steps back into western lore and look. If you are looking for a long lasting exterior that can take Colorado weather, call SoCo for a free estimate and information about the variety of metal sidings we offer and install.

For Honest Repair and Replacement Siding Colorado Springs CO ​

If you need to repair or replacement your siding and start calling around, you will soon learn that not all siding contractors in Colorado Springs do repairs on all kinds of siding materials, or will even replace siding. The reason is that it takes a lot of skill and experience to repair siding that is damaged by hailstorms, wind, the neighbor’s rock thrown by a lawnmower, and other unfortunate events. You need a siding contractor that is knowledgeable and knows how to not only remove and replace the damaged area, but checks to make certain there was no moisture intrusion, insect infestation, or any other issue inside the walls of the structure. They also need to know how to reseat and reseal the siding, making sure it is fitted in properly and locked or fastened into place. Hail can be a challenge in Colorado, and some hail damage can be repaired or minimized, and some cannot. Aluminum siding in particular is easy to ding from hail or a thrown rock, and the dent is not coming out completely. Vinyl on the other hand is easily repairable, but care has to be taken especially if the vinyl siding has been installed for some time, as vinyl gets brittle. Hail can ding, crack, break, or punch a hole completely through vinyl if the storm is severe enough. It is important to carefully check your vinyl after any weather event from several angles and in different light conditions, as sometimes cracks in vinyl siding are hard to spot. When you do find one, call SoCo Siding immediately to get the vinyl damage repaired to avoid moisture intrusion behind your siding, a problem that can create severe issues down the road for your structure. 

Wood and Cedar Siding Repair and Replacement in Colorado Springs

Some siding companies in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas will not work on wood or cedar siding, or “shake” as it is called in the west. It takes a trained eye, patience, skill, and knowledge to properly repair wood siding so it matches, creates a moisture barrier, and looks like it belongs to the rest of the wall. SoCo Siding has many years of experience working with wood and cedar siding and shake, and we take the time to do the job right so it turns out aesthetically pleasing and blended into your original finish.

It is important when wood siding needs repaired that the entire face of the structure is checked. Wood is notorious for expansion and holding moisture or harboring critters, neither of which is good for the walls of your home or business. SoCo Siding makes a complete, thorough inspection of all wooden and cedar siding applications to make sure there are no additional issues, such as wood rot, insect damage, and wood fungus can cause problems in the future.  If you see dark areas, water marks, holes and spots that looks chewed, swollen, woodpecker pecked or otherwise compromised, call SoCo Siding. We will come out and do an inspection and give you a free estimate for repairs or replacement. There are many good options to replace wood siding, or repair it to insure the structural integrity of your structure so you can rest easy.

If you happen to have a cabin in the mountains that has cedar or wood shake, SoCo has the equipment to reach those hard to get to sides, dormers, roof peaks, and other areas that tend to be the first to need maintenance. We know cedar and are well experienced working with shake, a rare art any more, and we would be happy to take care of your mountain retreat to keep the siding in great condition. Roof hail damage can allow water to trickle behind the siding so replacing the siding wont stop damage from happening so be sure to have a reputable roofing company to inspect before install.

SoCo Siding – Experienced Colorado Springs Siding Contractors

Siding is an investment in your property and increases valuation when you go to sell or refinance. Hiring a siding contractor that is experienced in all types of siding, knows how to inspect thoroughly prior to installation, and does it all for a fair price makes getting a large job done so much easier. Our quotes are always free, and we are happy to visit your project and discuss the options available to you for the kind of siding that will best serve your situation. SoCo Siding is Colorado Springs based, but we service the entire Pikes Peak – Colorado range and south central Colorado region. Call us or fill out our handy contact form and we will call you to set up a convenient appointment to discuss your siding needs. 
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Hanz F.
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Soco Siding Colorado Springs did a great job with my house. They were easy to work with, they showed up when they said they would, and they let me know what was going on with the project regularly.
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A job well done the installation is great and the work was done quickly and efficiently. We will certainly recommend your company.
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It was a pleasure from start to finish. Andy Lee, our contact, kept in close touch with us from the beginning. This was particularly important because the property is a rental property.
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The majority of our interaction, after the initial meeting and estimate, took place by email, cell phone calls, and texts. Soco Siding kept us informed every step of the way, providing pictures both during and at the end of the project. We would recommend the company without hesitation.
Paul S.
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Soco Siding provided a prompt estimate for the work to be done at the single family home, taking into consideration the specific requests of the homeowners. This allowed the homeowners to make an informed decision about enlisting the company for the siding work.
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I want to compliment Soco Siding for the fine work your crew did in putting on our new sidings. Your employees were extremely pleasant and conscientious. The job took two days to complete and on both days your employees made sure that the premises were clean before they left.
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