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When You Need Hail Damage House Repair in Colorado Springs

When south central Colorado gets one of their famous quick change storms blowing off the mountains, we can get hail.  Some of our hail can be fairly good sized, and everyone knows to check vehicles afterward for damage. You also need to check your roof and siding on your home or business. If you have hail damage to a roof and you have aluminum or vinyl siding, in particular, the chances are there is damage to it as well. Hail damage for insurance claims usually needs to be reported for the same event at the same time to be covered.

Wind and hail can wreak havoc on siding.  Aluminum siding can easily dent, but vinyl siding tends to get anything from cracks and pinholes to large breaks and holes punched through a panel. The challenge with vinyl siding is that it is often hard to spot damage unless there are substantial holes, so careful inspection done at different times of day in different light can help spot problems. The most important problem, though, is that water can intrude inside and behind breached siding, leading to much more serious structural issues for your home.  If the siding does not get repaired immediately, and you have subsequent damage, it is very possible your insurance company will not cover the additional damage due to not taking action to protect the insured property. It is always a good idea after a hailstorm or wind event of any kind to carefully walk your home to inspect for damage, or to see if siding panels have shifted out of place. Immediate repair needs to be completed to avoid further problems.

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Hail Damage Siding Repair in Colorado Springs Should be Done by Professionals

Due to the usual spread out nature of hail damage, it is always recommended to contact a professional siding repair and installation company to estimate your job and have the areas fixed.  Newer vinyl siding is still somewhat flexible, making it more resilient to hail impact. That resilience also hides small damage, making it harder to spot. Older vinyl gets brittle and tends to shatter. Any siding can be tricky for a do it yourself repair that does not cause more damage.  A professional siding installer has special tools and materials to repair, easily replace and reseal your siding damaged by hail. It takes knowledge and experience to successful repair hail damage to siding of any kind, and vinyl in particular is challenging as it usually requires whole panels be replaced.  

When you need hail damaged siding repaired, call the professionals at SoCo Siding Colorado Springs. We give free estimates, have years of experience, and leave clean job sites. Locally owned and operated, SoCo Siding does work in the entire south central Colorado range, and we are licensed and insured.

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Hanz F.
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Soco Siding Colorado Springs did a great job with my house. They were easy to work with, they showed up when they said they would, and they let me know what was going on with the project regularly.
Kiara C.
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A job well done the installation is great and the work was done quickly and efficiently. We will certainly recommend your company.
Frank R.
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It was a pleasure from start to finish. Andy Lee, our contact, kept in close touch with us from the beginning. This was particularly important because the property is a rental property.
James F.
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The majority of our interaction, after the initial meeting and estimate, took place by email, cell phone calls, and texts. Soco Siding kept us informed every step of the way, providing pictures both during and at the end of the project. We would recommend the company without hesitation.
Paul S.
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Soco Siding provided a prompt estimate for the work to be done at the single family home, taking into consideration the specific requests of the homeowners. This allowed the homeowners to make an informed decision about enlisting the company for the siding work.
Josef A.
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I want to compliment Soco Siding for the fine work your crew did in putting on our new sidings. Your employees were extremely pleasant and conscientious. The job took two days to complete and on both days your employees made sure that the premises were clean before they left.
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