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When You Need Experienced Colorado Springs Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl siding repair Colorado Springs needs done often is a result of strikes to siding that has been in place for a while. Vinyl tends to dry out and get brittle, making it subject to holes from lawnmower rocks, hail, and the neighbor practicing his putting. When vinyl gets a hole or crack, it is important to look for any potential issues from several angles and in different light, as damage to vinyl siding can be difficult to see. It is easy, however, for moisture to intrude through a small crack or hole in siding and cause problems for the wall of your structure. When you need to repair vinyl, aluminum, wood, cedar, fiber cement or other siding on your home or business, contact the professionals at SoCo Siding. We are a locally owned and operated siding repair contractor in Colorado Springs, CO serving the entire region.  We have many years of experience in all kinds of siding repair. We will give you a free estimate and can make a repair quickly saving further damage to your structure. Vinyl siding often requires entire panels be replaced, and both taking the damaged areas out and replacing them new can be like fitting a fragile jigsaw puzzle together. We can take the guesswork out, avoid further damage to your home, and get things looking like new again very quickly. 

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Siding Repair Colorado Springs Weather Creates

If you have lived in Colorado Springs or the surrounding area for any time, you know we can get some weather.  Most of the time it is beautiful and clear, but wind and storms can and do blow through our area. On occasion we get hail, and hail is hard on both aluminum and vinyl siding, but especially vinyl.  If you have fairly new vinyl siding, it is still a bit elastic and will “give” when struck by hail. If, on the other hand, your home or business has been sided with vinyl a few years, it will have dried out, or “firmed up” as its called, causing it to become slightly brittle and inflexible. Hail of size can put dents in aluminum siding, but will cause everything from cracks and pinholes to large holes and running cracks in vinyl. Vinyl siding usually requires the entire panel to be replaced, and doing so is a challenging job. It is easy to damage other siding removing damaged pieces, and more challenge getting the new ones back in, fitted right, and laying down correctly. When you need siding repairs from strong winds, hail, or even ice damage, contact the professionals at SoCo Siding for repairs you can trust. We are reasonably priced and give free estimates for every job. Our experience assures a quality job with no regrets – or leaks – afterward.

We Do Cedar Siding Repair Colorado Springs Wide

Many beautiful homes in the Colorado Springs – Pikes Peak region have utilized cedar siding or James Hardie fiber cement, a durable option available in a number of finishes and patterns that can be painted if desired. Cedar siding adorns everything from ranch homes with Colorado plateau aesthetic to mountain chalets and ski shacks gracing the hills among the evergreens. Cedar siding especially is an art in itself to properly apply to a home, but repairing it even more so. While extremely durable, cedar and fiber cement both hold up well in Colorado weather and variable temperatures, but when they are damaged, they require professional repair to make certain there has been no moisture intrusion or further damage to the walls and interior structure of your home. It is always suggested to work with an experienced siding professional that knows how to work with cedar siding and shake, understands the differences in split and species, and knows how to do the patching and replacement correctly to maintain the integrity of the entire facing.  SoCo Siding is experienced in both cedar and James Hardie and would be happy to take a look at the repair you need and provide a free estimate. Call us or send in our contact form. We are licensed and insured, and serve the entire south central Colorado Range.

Our Testimonials...
Hanz F.
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Soco Siding Colorado Springs did a great job with my house. They were easy to work with, they showed up when they said they would, and they let me know what was going on with the project regularly.
Kiara C.
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A job well done the installation is great and the work was done quickly and efficiently. We will certainly recommend your company.
Frank R.
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It was a pleasure from start to finish. Andy Lee, our contact, kept in close touch with us from the beginning. This was particularly important because the property is a rental property.
James F.
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The majority of our interaction, after the initial meeting and estimate, took place by email, cell phone calls, and texts. Soco Siding kept us informed every step of the way, providing pictures both during and at the end of the project. We would recommend the company without hesitation.
Paul S.
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Soco Siding provided a prompt estimate for the work to be done at the single family home, taking into consideration the specific requests of the homeowners. This allowed the homeowners to make an informed decision about enlisting the company for the siding work.
Josef A.
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I want to compliment Soco Siding for the fine work your crew did in putting on our new sidings. Your employees were extremely pleasant and conscientious. The job took two days to complete and on both days your employees made sure that the premises were clean before they left.
SoCo Siding Colorado Springs